Product Extension 2010 Newcomers to the fair GaLaBau

KUBOTA, one of the leading manufacturers of compact tractors and professional mowers, presented for the second half of 2010 new machines in the range of standard compact tractors.

In the lower power range up to 15 kW (20 PS), the three compact tractors B1220, B1620 and B1820 are since 2009 very successfully. These machines offer with smooth diesel engine, 4WD drive, standard PTOs and strong 3 point hitche an excellent and practical standard equipment.

The B20 series is now being rounded upward by the new type B2420. The engine of the B2420 delivers a maximum power of 17.9 kW (24 PS), the rugged transmission provides nine forward and three reverse speeds for a transport speed of up to 20 km/ h. Despite high engine power can be realized a minimum overall width of 99 cm at this tractor.

The range of the proven L-series is extended by the model L4100 HST. The large volume and smooth four cylinder diesel engine with
31 kW (42 PS) has sufficient power reserves in face of strong requirements. The easy to use HST offers a three stage gear shift and makes sure the correct ratio for each application. 4WD, high lifting capacity and the optional Lock and Go front loader, without any help of tools, predestined this machine for use in landscaping and for smaller farms.

Kubota offers with the new models of the standard compact tractors with a power range of 9 – 31 kW (12 – 42 PS), a complete range of models with reasonable technique and outstanding price performance ratio.

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