Future technology solutions for construction from Kubota.

At bauma 2022, Kubota is showcasing future technology solutions for construction, including an electric powered mini-excavator and compact wheel loaders plus a compact tracked loader concept model that features a micro-hybrid engine.

To meet construction and infrastructure demands across Europe, whilst complying with strict emission and noise requirements, Kubota’s future solutions for construction feature next-generation, sustainable engine technology. These include the development of alternative power sources such as electricity, LPG and HVO, alongside Kubota’s core technology – diesel power.

At bauma 2022, the new U36-4 Electric mini excavator and RT210-2e/RT220-2e electric compact wheel loaders will be the latest additions to Kubota’s Smart Energy Solutions range.

These machines deliver all the performance and reliability you’d expect from a Kubota combined with ultra-low environmental impact. The current range includes an LPG mini-excavator and electric compact tracked dumpers which offer high levels of productivity with zero or low emissions.

  • Zero carbon emissions

  • Lower noise pollution

  • Powerful and quiet, ideal for urban projects

  • 17.8 kW high output performance

  • 17.8 kW high output performance

  • 49.2 kWh lithium-ion battery

  • Rapid 120 minutes recharge

  • 3.41m dig depth/5.49m reach

  • 3,945 kg operating-weight

  • Low operating / maintenance costs

  • Available 2024

U36-4 Electric mini-excavator

Long working time + same power as conventional diesel Machines

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Cities around the world are insisting on quieter, cleaner and greener urban construction sites. Kubota's U36-4 Electric mini-excavator is the solution. Designed to be quiet and emission-free, the performance is just as reliable as you'd expect from a conventionally powered excavator.

Thanks to the high quality lithium ion battery with a capacity of 49.2 kWh, it is possible to work with the U36-4 Electric for up to 5 hours.

The rapid recharge battery also means that the U36-4 Electric can be quickly prepared to work again within 120 minutes.

  • Zero carbon emissions

  • Lower noise pollution

  • Highly agile and quiet, ideal for urban work

  • 2 independent electric motors (travel drive / working hydraulics)

  • Motor traction drive 6.5 kW / motor working hydraulics 12 kW

  • 48V DC lithium-ion battery (260/390/520Ah options)

  • Rapid 60-90 mins recharge

  • 2.825/ 2.2450m lift height

  • 950/1140 kg lift capacity

  • 2200/2350 kg operating weight

  • Low operating/maintenance costs

  • Available 2023

  • Engine output: 55.4 kW / 75,3 PS

  • Motor generator: 10 kW / 13,7 PS

  • 48V battery

  • 2 shift travelling speed: low 7,5km/h - high 11,5 km/h

  • Bucket hinge pin height at maximum lift height: 3025mm

  • Reach at maximum lift and dump: 1060mm

  • 4230 kg operating weight

  • Max. tipping load: 2980 kg



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