Welcome to the Purchasing Department of the Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH

Kubota produces compact excavators from 1.5t to 3.5t as well as wheel loaders at the Zweibrücken factory.  Here you will find information about the principles of our purchasing department, all the basic documents as well as details of our requirements. We are looking forward to your interest in our company and your online application as a supplier.

Principles of our purchasing management

  • Building and developing long-term partnerships based on mutual trust
  • Supplier selection according to TCO criteria
  • Respect for the environment
  • Unconditional compliance with all legal requirements, human rights, as well as work safety and health
  • Optimization of Supply Chain Management (e.g., Just-in-sequence, Kanban)
  • Continuous improvement of our suppliers with regard to product quality and delivery reliability
  • Continual reduction of production costs (for example, through value analysis, standardization, KAIZEN)

What do we expect from our suppliers?

  • Outstanding quality (zero defects)
  • 100% delivery reliability
  • Continuous optimization of the production of our products (e.g. by Kaizen)
  • Innovative products at economical prices
  • Development and system competence
  • Acceptance of logistics / quality agreements
  • Long-term partnership
  • Open Book Calculation

Contact to the purchasing department

KUBOTA Baumaschinen GmbH

Purchasing Department

Steinhauser Straße 100

66482 Zweibrücken/Germany

Or send an e-mail to: kbm_g.einkauf@kubota.com


Products or services

Do you have any products or services you would like to offer? We look forward to receiving your application. Required documents in your application:


Steinhauser Straße 100 - 66482 Zweibrücken

+49 (0)6332 487-0
+49 (0)6332 487-101